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On Sat, 1 Jun 2002 23:28:14 -0500
Albert Wagner <alwagner at> wrote:

> > The problems are:  a) they make a product you don't like and b) you
> > don't understand the law or how business works.

Replying to a reply. sorry.

Just a quick note, but a lot of people say 'well, microsoft might be
bad, but without them, PCs would never have taken off and be so cheap'.

To that I say:

Great, thanks a lot.

X86 is one of the LEAST pleasant architectures out there to work on.
thanks for making a crap design the standard


Computers would have become ubiquitous anyway.

The Apple II sold like hotcakes in the US.

Sinclair, Commodore, Acorn and Atari were doing GREAT in the UK.

if X86 and M$ hadnt won, we'd all be using PPC or ARM systems with open
standards (more competition).

So, Thanks for nothing, Billy boy...
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