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> Yes, and a good idea, that.
> Here's my Windows story. Having worked in Unix for many years, and
> successfully avoiding windows during that time, I went with a small
> company that bought just one Sun Workstation (for building the product)
> and several NT boxes for everything else. A friend of mine who changed
> jobs with me, said he had never known I could swear like that! Mostly it
> was because if I didn't reboot my NT box every day, it would hang right
> near the end of some very large changes I had just done. Turns out there
> were lots of memory leaks and rebooting was the only way to get the
> memory back.
> At my most recent job, I only had to reboot once a week! Progress.
> The other main cause of swearing was trying to solve the "Where's that
> menu option now?" puzzle MS thoughfully supplied with every update of
> their products.
> Don

You have highlighted the fact that when discussing the pros and cons of MS 
against other OSes, particularly *ix, there are, at least, two separate 

(1)  The business practices of MS
(2)  The quality of Windows as an OS

So far, I have only commented on point #1.  I'm not sure I am qualified to 
comment on point #2, even though I have, like you, lots of anecdotal 
evidence.  It would really be interesting to have some links to real 
unbiased studies of point #2.

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