windows haters (repost for albert wagner)

R. Bosch at
Sat Jun 1 16:51:08 PDT 2002

On Saturday 01 June 2002 18:47, you wrote:
> Although I have been in the situation of many linux lovers, of having to
> work on windows at work, I never liked it.  I don't see how anyone with a
> sense of honor, personal integrity, and a sense of fair play can help but
> stay irritated and angry at the business practices of Microsoft.

How about writing to local politicks and keep an eye out for crap from M$ to 
react with an response in the direction of any decission-maker you know.
Sometimes this way of venting can give you a feeling of; "I do something I 
believe in". IMO it is one of the best things people can do. At least in the 
beginning. In the mean time one can just swaer at M$ stuff at work, help 
people convince to try Linux at home and get known as Mr. Linux ;-)

Just my little CV ;-)

> They are, 
> after all, a convicted monopolist.  Although, they weren't punished
> appropriately for it.  Most important, their recent attacks on open source
> software are simply FUD, and should anger anyone benefiting from the open
> source movement. It is perfectly understandable that anyone who has been
> enlightened by the volume and quality of open source software, will, over
> time, grow to hate MS. I hate all lies.  How can I help but hate the
> biggest corporate liar in American capitalism.

As said above ;-)

Use the force! Go opensource!



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