windows haters (repost for albert wagner)

Albert Wagner alwagner at
Sat Jun 1 11:47:13 PDT 2002

On Saturday 01 June 2002 12:24 pm, you wrote:
> Yo,
> On Sat, Jun 01, 2002 at 06:05:08PM +0100, James Iwanek wrote:
> > i just dont want to have to put up with the "i hate windows but i cant be
> > bothered to do anything about it and oh by the way linux is crap" type of
> > stuff - i do have limited bandwidth (not aslimited as some of the lfsers
> > i will admit)
> > that paticular kind of post just detracts from our comunity.
> Having a shitty flamewar like this, is wasting more bandwidth then the
> initial poster did, especially considering he posted some actually
> usefull data, imho. [even if it was ripped off, that isn't the point]
> Guys, just let it die, please....

My understanding was that nothing is off-topic for lfs-chat. I personally 
enjoy an occasional flame-war, as long as there are no ad-hominem attacks.
Sometimes a good venting of the spleen is healthy for all concerned.  

Although I have been in the situation of many linux lovers, of having to work 
on windows at work, I never liked it.  I don't see how anyone with a sense of 
honor, personal integrity, and a sense of fair play can help but stay 
irritated and angry at the business practices of Microsoft.  They are, after 
all, a convicted monopolist.  Although, they weren't punished appropriately 
for it.  Most important, their recent attacks on open source software are 
simply FUD, and should anger anyone benefiting from the open source movement.
It is perfectly understandable that anyone who has been enlightened by the 
volume and quality of open source software, will, over time, grow to hate MS.
I hate all lies.  How can I help but hate the biggest corporate liar in 
American capitalism.

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