windows haters (repost for albert wagner)

timothy bauscher timothy at
Sat Jun 1 09:56:56 PDT 2002


> yeah the anti windows crap is gettin worse here isnt it

That is because more people are waking up and
realizing the truth.

> aslong it dosnt get as bad as comp.os.linux.advocacy then its ok for
> the mo

We wouldn't want people to start spouting
their opinions; that would be nasty.

> gerard can we make a "rubber-room" news group for the haters plz?

We should call it lfs-china.

All lists should be moderated. And edited
for content too. We can't have intelligent
people expressing their thoughts. The dumb
people might take offense to that.

> we
> dont
> want SOME W*****S (not meaning all windows haters) wasting our time
> and
> bandwith.....

Then you are on the wrong lists:



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