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Mon Jul 29 22:11:44 PDT 2002

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Alas! Jesse Tie-Ten-Quee spake thus:
> Yo,
> On Mon, Jul 29, 2002 at 02:55:59PM -0600, Rob 'Feztaa' Park wrote:
> > Putting it in BLFS doesn't make any sense, though. I can just see that
> > chapter now: "Hey guys, did you know that when you were building LFS,
> > there was a better filesystem you could have used? Looks like you can
> > start all over again if you want it! HAHAHAHHAHAH!!!"* :P
> *chuckles*  Thanks Feztaa.  I needed that.  You should spend some more
> time on #LFS.  I need to introduce you to a few ppl that have started
> showing up again. *eg*

I'd like to get back on irc, but irc's just not for me. I don't find it
to be a particularly convenient form of communication; lately I've been
using mailing lists primarily, with a couple of web forums that I

I dunno, to me irc seems like a waste. If you say something, the people
who weren't there don't see it. With mail lists, whatever you post gets
read by everybody who wants to read it. Nothing is lost, you know? I
guess IRC is just lossy communication ;)

> You did point out one important thing however.. how should I say this..
> brainless, perhaps?*  That people have become when it comes to
> installing and configurating software.  Just doing a "click, click"
> and/or copy&pasting.
> Keep in mind here, we are pushing for the education value also, remenber?
> Having too many options in the base, will only lead to confusion.

I suppose. But I wasn't at all confused by older versions that talked
about reiserfs ;)

> Like Timothy mentioned, reiserfs was not totally ripped out, there are
> still pointers to other documentation and resources.  Mentioning the
> possibilities of using reiserfs (or XFS, ext3, etc), which will all
> eventually make it into the blfs-book.  So docs for them and support, is
> not going away; just shifting focus and direction.
> Besides.. we _encourage_ deviations from the book.  We just don't think
> we need to *support* and *include* every single possibility in the
> lfs-book.
> That clear up a few things? :-)

Yeah, I was just giving you guys a hard time, you know ;)

> > Yeah, but I'm lazy. If the book doesn't tell me what I have to do to get
> > reiserfs in place, I'll probably forget, and then do it too late into
> > the book and screw everything up.
> Lazy <canadian style>Eh?</canadian style>.  Welcome to hell then.  I may
> consider myself a lazy bastard...however, that does not mean I need nor
> want my hand held the entire time i'm doing something.
> Perhaps it's just me.. but i've always looked at the lfs-book as more of
> a *guide* to building a system.  It is _not_a_bible_ written in stone.
> Ask anyone that's used LFS for longer then a year, and they will tell
> you they no longer build it "by-the-book".  Ask Gerard, he doesn't. Not
> for personal use at least.  It just isn't practical.

Lol. I find it funny that you're calling the project you're working on
impractical. I know what you mean, though ;)

> Some could say calling it unpractical would be a little harsh.. perhaps it
> is.  But I was trying to prove a point, that the choices made are for
> the greater good.  They are not tailored for any single person's
> machine.  More of a generic overview of the way systems are build and
> used in the last few years.
> So... to all of you people considering using lfs, or are using lfs that
> are a bunch of lazy bastards that aren't even willing to deviate a
> single bit just because you hold this little piece of digital
> information so highly;  Quit.

But! But! Awwww :(

> Go use gentoo.  There you have a _distrobution_ which will do all LFS is
> doing (building from scratch/source) while having a very kewl package
> manager that's on par (imho) with the likes of Debian.  Ultimate
> lazyness.  Push a button and your hole systems get's rebuild, what more
> could you ask for?!?

Wow, you make gentoo sound like a bad thing. I've been considering it
for a while, and I definitely want to give it a shot. I just need to
find the time to do it.

I love LFS, and the control it gives me, but I've done it 3 or 4 times
and I've already learned most of what is being taught. I really want to
give LFS 4.0 a chance, though, because I'm curious as to how the whole
/static thing works out (and I want to avoid CVS; I've run into a few
bad builds with CVS versions -- but maybe I was just rushing).

Anyway, yeah. LFS is a great learning experience, but beyond that it's a
PITA, IMHO. I love the control it gives, but I don't like having to go
to all the trouble to do _everything_ myself. Gentoo seems to be the
answer; I get the control of building the whole install from source, I
get a package manager, and I don't have to write out an arseload of
commands to do it.

> For those that are like myself, or those that aren't even lazy.  Here,
> here.  You know what you have todo.  Let's start my master plan and
> move the newbies and people that are stubborn freaks that don't want to
> learn and throw them at gentoo.  Means more room for us and others like
> us that like to explore and try new things.

Just because there are newbies doesn't mean you can't explore new things

> Heck, I bet most of us would still be using Windows if it wasn't so god
> damn unstable (which in recent years, is not so much of an issue)...

Well, my conversion story is a bit long... suffice it to say I learned
about linux from some linux elitists in #blender3d (efnet), who said I
couldn't do it, and I just had to prove them wrong. It wasn't until
windows crashed and corrupted my entire harddrive (and made me lose all
my pr0n) that Linux went from being "that weird OS that those guys made
me install" to "the only OS installed on my computer".

> So yeah.. anyways.  Enough ranting, HIghoS.  Stop folling around and get
> back to doing something usefull.  *slaps himself*  That's the way I see
> it.  That's the way id like things.. but as we all know;  Life isn't
> like that.

An occaisional rant is a good thing ;)

Rob 'Feztaa' Park
<Knghtbrd> Granted, RMS is a fanatic, I don't deny this.  I'll even say
           he's a royal pain in the arse most of the time.  But he's
           still more often right than not, and he deserves some level of
           credit and respect for his work.  We would NOT be here today
           without him.
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