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> Robert Ian Smit
> I am not sure I understand what you want to do, so my answer 
> is based on a guess.
> If the router in your configuration is a *nix system you can 
> use fetchmail to get mail from pop/imap/??-accounts delivered 
> to local users (on the server).
> If you want to pull the mail from the server you will have to 
> install a pop-server so clients can download new messages. 
> But perhaps installing an imap-server is a better idea. Mail 
> will remain on the server so people can get to their mail 
> from different machines.

That probably is the best idea for storing the mail.  What is a good
IMAP server, I've seen references to Courier on the postfix site

On the sending end I'll have to set-up postfix (or something) and have
it relay, can postfix relay to different servers based on whose mail
it's relaying?

Also what are people's opinions on qmail vs. postfix.  I used postfix in
the last incarnation of this laptop and liked it alright once I got the
hang of it, but I was wondering how easy to setup qmail is comparably

> I won't go into the details for fear of misinterpreting your 
> question. The setup I describe is doable by reading some of 
> the HOWTOs and other documents. 

Nope you pretty much hit it right on.  For some reason I thought there
was something more complicated to it then that.  Thanks.

> Bob
Praise Bob

Kevan Shea

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