Odd 'homebrew' package management system?

Felix Rabe xitnalta at web.de
Tue Jul 23 17:47:01 PDT 2002


On Wed, 24 Jul 2002 00:26:13 +0000 (UTC)
alwagner at tcac.net (Albert Wagner) wrote:

> I've been working on a Ruby version of the Bash script found in hints: "More 
> control and package management..."  It's worth reading this hint for some 
> interesting ideas re: package management.

yes, indeed - i've read some of it.

> Then unpack and compile your tarball as the package-user.

Won't be done anywhere before Alindis 0.2, and after that, I'll perhaps
stick with a design similar to Debian.

But for LinuxFromScratch, this is a very interesting solution.  (But
there are many good possibilities to do pm somehow.)

> With the sticky bit set, a package installing a file 
> with the same name as a previously installed file will not overwrite the 
> previous file.  Also you can tell at a glance, using ls or your GUI file 
> manager, just what package each file came from.  

Don't have these problems with Debian (if I can get it to work with its
own source code packages correctly 'till my deadline :( ).

But actually, I don't have the smallest idea which direction to go after
alindis 0.2 - there are at least as many possibilities as there are pm
solutions for lfs.

(Sorry for the tired response (-;.  It's late at night here and I'm
going to bed.)

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