Microsoft compares Win2k to Linux

Björn Lindberg d95-bli at
Fri Jul 19 09:21:23 PDT 2002

Tony Karakashian wrote:
> >> You are correct. I believe it is the apps that do most of the leaking.
> >> But why does the memory not come back when the apps are exited?
> Simplisticly, an app requests memory from the VMM (Virtual Memory Manager).  The VMM then allocates that memory to the application.  When the app has completed using that memory, it is supposed to report to the VMM that it is available to other applications.  This releases the memory for other apps to use.  A lot of times, the app will continue to request more memory, but not close existing memory with the VMM.  As it continues to use up memory, that's a memory leak.

He asked about when the apps exit. When an app exits, the OS should
reclaim all memory used by it. I have never heard of any OS that didn't
do this. Don't know about Windows though.

BTW Tony, your posts don't thread properly on the newsgroup. Are you
using a broken MUA?

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