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#4220: less-530
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Comment (by bdubbs@…):

 Major changes between "less" versions 487 and 530

 * Don't output terminal init sequence if using -F and file fits on one

 * When using -S, mark truncated lines with a special character.
   The character can be changed or disabled via the new --rscroll option.

 * New command M marks the last line displayed on the screen.

 * New command ESC-m removes a line mark.

 * Status column (enabled via -J) now shows mark letters.

 * Status column shows search matches even if highlighting is disabled via

 * A second ESC-u command will clear search match markers in the status

 * Do same ANSI escape code filtering for tag matching that we do for
   searching, to help when viewing syntax-highlighted code.

 * Catch SIGTERM and clean up before exiting.

 * Fix bug initializing default charset on Windows.

 * Handle keypad ENTER key correctly if it sends something other than

 * Fix buffering bug when using stdin with a LESSOPEN pipe.

 * On Windows, allow 'u' in -D option to enable underlining.

 * On Windows, use underline in sgr mode.

 * On Windows, convert UTF-8 to multibyte if console is not UTF-8.

 * Update Unicode tables to 2017-03-08.

 * Pass-thru Unicode formating chars (Cf type) instead of treating them
   as binary chars. But treat them as binary if -U is set.

 * Fix erroneous binary file warning when UTF-8 file contains ANSI SGR
 * Fix bugs when using LESSOPEN and switching between stdin and other

 * Fix some bugs handling filenames containing shell metacharacters.

 * Fix some memory leaks.

 * Allow some debugging environment variables to be set in lesskey file.

 * Code improvements:
   - Use ANSI prototypes in funcs.h declarations.
   - Fix some const mismatches.
   - Remove archaic "register" in variable declarations.

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