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#4175: tar-1.30
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 New minor version.

 Noteworthy changes in this release:

 * Member names containing '..' components are now skipped when extracting.

 This fixes tar's behavior to match its documentation, and is a bit
 safer when extracting untrusted archives over old files (an unsafe
 practice that the tar manual has long recommended against).

 * Report erroneous use of position-sensitive options.

 During archive creation or update, tar keeps track of positional
 options (see the manual, subsection 3.4.4 "Position-Sensitive
 Options"), and reports those that had no effect.  For example, when
 invoked as

    tar -cf a.tar . --exclude '*.o'

 tar will create the archive, but will exit with status 2, having
 issued the following error message

    tar: The following options were used after non-optional
    arguments in archive create or update mode.  These options are
    positional and affect only arguments that follow them.  Please,
    rearrange them properly.
    tar: --exclude '*.o' has no effect
    tar: Exiting with failure status due to previous errors

 * --numeric-owner now affects private headers too.

 This helps the output of 'tar' to be more deterministic.

 * Fixed the --delay-directory-restore option

 In some cases tar would restore the directory permissions too early,
 causing subsequent link extractions in that directory to fail.

 * The --warnings=failed-read option

 This new warning control option suppresses warning messages about
 unreadable files and directories. It has effect only if used together
 with the --ignore-failed-read option.

 * The --warnings=none option now suppresses all warnings

 This includes warnings about unreadable files produced when
 --ignore-failed-read is in effect. To output these, use
 --warnings=none --warnings=no-failed-read.

 * Fix reporting of hardlink mismatches during compare

 Tar reported incorrect target file name in the 'Not linked to'
 diagnostic message.

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