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#4076: Optionally exclude libs needed for a sane debugger from stripping
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Comment (by dj@…):

 Replying to [comment:3 bdubbs@…]:
 > This appears to be a good thing to do, but I would implement it slightly
 differently.   I'd create /var/dbg/lib and /var/dbg/usr/lib (the names of
 the directories are not particularly critical) and put the non-stripped
 files there.  The user could then copy them to /lib and /usr/lib as needed
 or desired, but not copy back to the main /lib directories automatically.

 I don't particularly care where we put them. /var/dbg works for me as long
 as it doesn't break FHS/LSB. Make it optional of course, as it negates one
 of the reasons for stripping in the first place (saving space). I figure
 that the needed files are already in place, just save them in the event
 that they are needed later, rather than suggesting an unnecessary rebuild
 of glibc and/or gcc later in BLFS.

 > We might even want to create a parallel set of directories for storage
 of the stripped libraries and a couple of scripts to copy one set or the
 other into /usr/lib and /lib.
 > This later suggestion would probably be better as a hint.

 I included the additional GCC language libraries in the above commands
 specifically for the case of the above, as you can always repeat the
 stripping commands after you are done using the debugger, and the
 additions don't hurt anything if they are not present.

 Me personally, I'm more inclined to copy them back unconditionally (as
 above), i.e.: don't ever strip these libraries (the 'unless you are doing
 an embedded or space constrained build' is implied, but much more than
 stripping is involved in those targets anyway). If we really wanted to
 make it more integrated, we could create a 'strip-whole-system.sh' script
 and add a config file in /etc with a list of exclusions. Just append to
 the config file in BLFS. From my POV, however, just keeping a copy of the
 ones known to be needed for gdb and Valgrind seems sufficient for
 illuminating this particular dark corner for readers. Anything more would
 probably be unnecessary hand-holding.

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