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#3892: Please prevent installing man5/passwd.5 of the man-pages package.
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 This ticket has been re-posted revised my following post.

 In [http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/lfs/view/7.8/chapter06/shadow.html LFS
 7.8 "6.25. Shadow-4.2.1"],
 passwd.5 of the shadow package overwrites already installed passwd.5 of
 the man-pages package.

 it's hard for LFS readers to judge whether this overwriting is intended or
 because there is no supplementary explanation about overwriting in this

 Therefore, I suggest installation of passwd.5 of the man-pages package is

 If this suggestion is not acceptable, I think at least it would be better
 to add supplementary explanation that overwriting passwd.5 is intended.

 As far as I have found in the BLFS book at present,
 there are following pages that contain the supplementary explanation about
 overwriting files.
 (Find in page with the keyword "overwrite".)

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