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#3264: Traceroute program location
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 For the Inetutils instructions, LFS says to move /usr/bin/traceroute to
 /sbin, the explanation being that it's the "FHS-compliant place". However,
 there is no mention of traceroute in the FHS, and the only thing comes
 close is the description of what programs go into "bin" and "sbin"
 directories. As traceroute is, by default, installed suid root, it is
 apparently meant to be run by non-root users, and therefore should go into
 /usr/bin (or /bin, if it's felt necessary for it to be outside of /usr).
 Also, [[http://archive.linuxfromscratch.org/blfs-
 museum/6.2.0/BLFS-6.2.0/basicnet/netutils.html#traceroute older versions
 of BLFS specifically note]] that traceroute should either be kept in
 /usr/sbin with the suid bit removed, or moved to /usr/bin and stay suid.

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