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#3253: Automake-1.12.6
 Reporter:  matthew@…                     |        Owner:  bdubbs@…                   
     Type:  enhancement                   |       Status:  closed                     
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Changes (by bdubbs@…):

  * status:  assigned => closed
  * resolution:  => fixed


 Fixed at revision 10070.

 Testsuite summary for GNU Automake 1.12.6
 # TOTAL: 2825
 # PASS:  2647
 # SKIP:  140
 # XFAIL: 38
 # FAIL:  0
 # XPASS: 0
 # ERROR: 0

 Test time: real    63m58.326s

 Looking at the test scripts, there are a lot of sleep calls.

 The reasons for SKIPs are variously:

 'i586-mingw32msvc-gcc' not available
 Microsoft 'lib' utility not available
 DejaGnu is not available  (it is in chapter 5, but I didn't test there)
 requires a working expect program (ditto)
 Microsoft C compiler 'cl' not available
 target OS is not MinGW
 no proper cscope program available
 'compress' not available
 'lzip' not available
 'zip' not available
 'shar' not available
 TeX is required
 system is able to remove "in use" directories
 GNU Fortran 77 compiler unavailable
 GNU Java compiler unavailable
 Sun Java compiler not available
 'emacs' not available
 python interpreter not available
 'help2man' not available
 no proper rst2html program found
 required program 'etags' not available
 required program 'valac' not available
 required program 'makedepend' not available

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