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#2778: Wget-list needs an explicit command to demonstrate usage
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 I was reading through chapter 3 and I saw the comment about using wget-

 "An easy way to download all of the packages and patches is by using wget-
 list as an input to wget."

 This confused me at first, until I clicked on wget-list. AH! It's a link!

 To avoid further confusion (and for those of us that skim to the
 commands), I have a patch that applies the specific command to execute for

 `wget -i http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/lfs/view/6.7/wget-list -P

 I am not an expert in DOCBOOK ... but I think my patch works, of course if
 there is a variable for the book version, using that would be much
 preferable to my current fix.

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