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#2584: Linux and Nouveau
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Comment(by willimm):

 Replying to [comment:4 matthew@…]:
 > William,
 > Speaking mainly for myself, but I'm sure the following applies to the
 other editors too, but I don't believe that we have either the skills or
 the time required to handle supporting backported patches, especially
 anything as relatively new as the Nouveau driver.
 Well, do you want to move it to 6.7? Just a thought.
 > In addition, I also don't want us to set a precedent here whereby other
 users believe that they can ask and expect to have their staging/unstable
 /out-of-tree patch of choice added and supported by the book.
 Hey, Nouveau is pretty stable (at least the 2D part of it, they are still
 working heavally on the 3d support.)
 > If you want to use the Nouveau driver, then all credit to you for doing
 so and getting all the bits lined up so that they work together.  As we
 like to say, "Your distro, your rules.".  LFS will obviously gain Nouveau
 support when it gets added to mainline kernel releases, which will be when
 upstream believe it is stable enough to do so.  This is like any other
 upstream package; we do not backport features from their development code
 bases, no matter how useful they may be; we simply do not have the
 capacity to support them.
 This is like with XZ-utils, it's marked as a beta yet still very stable
 and usuable. But you can move it to 6.7 or even 7.0 if you want, I don't
 really care about what milestone it is.


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