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Bryan Kadzban bryan at
Sun Feb 8 14:36:50 PST 2009

(Removing dj from the CC list since this has nothing to do with that
anymore.  :-) )

Matthew Burgess wrote:
> On Sun, 08 Feb 2009 13:39:17 -0800, Bryan Kadzban
> <bryan at> wrote:
>> (Replying here since trac seems to be broken: ...)
> From Randy earlier today on blfs-dev:
> I went into the "Preferences" section and simply clicked on the 
> "Confirm" button. That didn't do anything, but it did send an email 
> which prompted me to "verify" the changes (though there weren't any 
> changes).
> Now it seems to work again for me.

What the...?

For the record, the button was "save changes" (on the "general" tab).
And I didn't get a verification email until I actually did change my
email address (though I had been sent a confirmation once already, so
maybe it worked for Randy because he hadn't?).  I also didn't get an
email sent to the address that I put into the prefs page; I got the
email at my address (which matches my trac username) -- I
suspect they haven't thought that one through all the way, or there's a
second bug, or something.

Finally, you can't just fetch the URL in the verification email; you
have to go to the URL and then also submit the form (seems a bit
pointless, but I can see why they did it: GET isn't supposed to change
state).  Once I did that *and* got a "Notice: thank you for verifying
your address" message, other stuff started working.  (I believe I had
gone to that URL and submitted that form once already, as well, so there
may be an element of randomness involved.  But I don't remember for
sure.  Maybe clearing cookies helped as well.)

The bottom-level issue here seems to be that the MessageWrapper messages
are completely uninformative.  If those messages actually made any
sense, users could figure out what they needed to do.  And it turns out
that this is a known TracAccountManager bug, and it's not fixed upstream
(according to the upstream ticket anyway).  A proposed patch to fix it
is here:

but I doubt that anything except the first hunk is required (i.e. just
add a __str__ method to MessageWrapper that returns self.body).

The ticket is here, FWIW:

I would strongly recommend patching this into the TracAccountManager egg
file on quantum.  (Near as I can tell, that means: Unzip
apply the patch, possibly regenerate .pyc files, zip the result, replace
the original .egg file, and perhaps restart Apache.)  Please?  :-)

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