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Sun Oct 26 01:07:23 PDT 2008

#2261: Symlinks to setarch in Util-Linux-ng
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 When Util-Linux-ng installs the setarch program, it also creates a few
 symlinks pointing to setarch. I tried checking out the build system, and
 it appears that these symlinks it creates vary depending on what system
 type it detects. On my x86 system, these are "i386", "linux32", and
 "linux64". Since LFS is still only 32-bit x86. it's likely safe to assume
 that these would be the same for any LFS system, and can safely be added
 to Util-Linux-ng's list of installed programs. Of course, it would
 probably be a good idea for someone who knows a bit more about Util-Linux-
 ng's build system to verify...

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