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Author: dj
Date: 2008-10-25 15:38:03 -0600 (Sat, 25 Oct 2008)
New Revision: 8699

Removed previously commented working text.

Modified: trunk/BOOK/chapter06/man-db.xml
--- trunk/BOOK/chapter06/man-db.xml	2008-10-25 21:31:14 UTC (rev 8698)
+++ trunk/BOOK/chapter06/man-db.xml	2008-10-25 21:38:03 UTC (rev 8699)
@@ -41,13 +41,6 @@
   <sect2 role="installation">
     <title>Installation of Man-DB</title>
-    <!-- <para>Two adjustments need to be made to the sources of Man-DB.</para> 
-    <para>The first change is a <command>sed</command> substitution to delete
-    the <quote>/usr/man</quote> and <quote>/usr/local/man</quote> lines in
-    the <filename>man_db.conf</filename> file to prevent redundant results
-    when using programs such as <command>whatis</command>:</para> -->
     <para>LFS creates <filename>/usr/man</filename> and
     <filename>/usr/local/man</filename> as symlinks.   Remove them from the
     <filename>man_db.conf</filename> file to prevent redundant
@@ -115,52 +108,7 @@
     <title>Non-English Manual Pages in LFS</title>
-    <para>Some packages provide UTF-8 manual pages, which previous versions of
-    <application>Man-DB</application> were unable to display correctly because
-    the expected (8-bit) encoding for each language was hard-coded in the
-    source of <application>Man-DB</application>.
-    <application>Man-DB</application> now uses the extension of the directory
-    name in order to determine the encoding of the manual pages stored within.
-    If no extension exists, <application>Man-DB</application> uses a built-in
-    table (see below) to determine the encoding.  E.g., because of "UTF-8" in
-    the directory name, it knows that all manual pages residing in 
-    <filename class="directory">/usr/share/man/fr.UTF-8</filename> are UTF-8
-    encoded and, according to the built-in table, expects all manual pages
-    residing in <filename class="directory">/usr/share/man/ru</filename> to
-    be encoded using KOI8-R.</para>
-    <para>Linux distributions have different policies concerning the character
-    encoding in which manual pages are stored in the filesystem. E.g., RedHat
-    stores all manual pages in UTF-8, while Debian previously used
-    language-specific (mostly 8-bit) encodings. Many other distributions simply
-    ignore the problem all together.  LFS also used the legacy encodings in
-    previuos versions of the book. This was chosen because of the ease of
-    configuration associated with <application>Man-DB</application>.
-    Additionally, <application>Man-DB</application> provided support for
-    Chinese and Japanese locales, and limited support for Korean, whereas
-    <application>Man</application> did not at that time.</para>
-    <para>In contrast, the setup in Fedora Core expects all manual pages
-    to be UTF-8 encoded, and stored in directories without suffixes.
-    Disagreement about the expected encoding of manual pages amongst
-    distribution vendors, has led to confusion for upstream package maintainers.
-    Some packages contain, UTF-8 manual pages, while others ship with manual
-    pages in legacy encodings.  Unlike the
-    <application>Man</application>/<application>Groff</application> setup in
-    Fedora Core, <application>Man-DB</application> can make very good decisions
-    about the on disk encoding and present the information to the user in their
-    prefered format, without complex configurations.</para>
-    <para><application>Man-DB</application> has, for the most part, made this
-    problem completely transparent to end users, as long as the manual pages
-    are installed into the correct directory.  There may be times, however,
-    where one encoding is preferred over the other.  For this purpose, the
-    <command>convert-mans</command> script was written. It will convert manual
-    pages to another encoding before (or after) installation.  Install the
-    <command>convert-mans</command> script with the following
-    instructions:</para>
     <para>Some packages provide non-English manual pages. They are displayed 
     correctly only if their location and encoding matches the expectation of 
     the "man" program. However, different Linux distributions have different 

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