r8613 - trunk/BOOK/chapter05

randy at linuxfromscratch.org randy at linuxfromscratch.org
Thu Oct 9 11:45:51 PDT 2008

Author: randy
Date: 2008-10-09 12:45:51 -0600 (Thu, 09 Oct 2008)
New Revision: 8613

Added a command inadvertantly left out of the Chapter 5 Glibc instructions

Modified: trunk/BOOK/chapter05/glibc.xml
--- trunk/BOOK/chapter05/glibc.xml	2008-10-09 18:35:09 UTC (rev 8612)
+++ trunk/BOOK/chapter05/glibc.xml	2008-10-09 18:45:51 UTC (rev 8613)
@@ -166,9 +166,10 @@
     <para>Compilation is now complete. As mentioned earlier, running the
     test suites for the temporary tools installed in this chapter is not
     mandatory. To run the Glibc test suite (if desired), the following
-    command will do so:</para>
+    commands will do so:</para>
-<screen><userinput remap="test">make check</userinput></screen>
+<screen><userinput remap="test">cp -v ../glibc-&glibc-version;/iconvdata/gconv-modules iconvdata
+make check</userinput></screen>
     <para>For a discussion of test failures that are of particular
     importance, please see <xref linkend="ch-system-glibc" role="."/></para>

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