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#2076: Inconsistent permissions for floppy devices
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Comment (by Bryan Kadzban):

 Looking through more old tickets; I forgot this one existed.  Upstream's
 rules still use "-M 0640" on the script, and don't specify a mode for
 fd![0-9]*, so there's still a mismatch.  (Even though we've removed this
 stuff from the LFS custom rules files, and are using all upstream rules
 for floppy devices.)

 I think the best fix is to get upstream to either add MODE="0640" to the
 fd![0-9]* rule, or remove "-M 0640" from the create_floppy_devices script
 call, as you said.  (It depends on whether you want the floppy group to
 have raw write access to the device.  I believe there have been cases
 where upstream didn't want e.g. the disk group to have write access to
 hard-drive and partition devices.)  Do you want to bug them about it, or
 should I?  (There are days where I think some of the maintainers have
 kill-filed me, so if I do it, nothing may happen.  :-)  But whatever; I
 can try.)

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