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#1703: 6.1.1 - IMPORTANT BOOK ENHANCEMENT (using 6.1.3 live-cd)
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 First time install (LFS newbie)

 LFS-BOOK-6.1.1-HTML/chapter06/readjusting.html does indeed mention:

 '''Remove the Binutils source and build directories now.'''

 But it is easy to overlook this because other sections in the page are
 marked much more clearly so that this important line (not even marked
 BOLD) drownes in the rest of the important messages of the book.

 Of course I should have had more trust in you people and should have
 believed that I had overlooked something, But I did ! and apparently I
 overlooked it again and again.

 So I deleted binutils build directories just before doing the final
 binutils build, because that seems to make the most sense (so AFTER the
 above chapter was completed !)

 Later I had problems with testsuites, gcc and such and ncursus that needs
 libstdc++ did not even compile.

 So I reverted back to the above mentioned chapter (I READ EVERY LETTER)
 and continued from:

 'Next, amend the GCC specs file so that it points to the new dynamic
 linker. A perl command accomplishes this:'

 After that, I repeated all steps upto and including installing ncurses,

 During that proces, all errors were gone in binutils, glibc and gcc
 (libstdc++ was now installed correctly)

 So I suppose that removing the build directories in above mentioned
 section is crucial to a stable build.

 '''Therefore I suggest to mark the removal of binutils build directories
 VERY clearly.
 so that no other newbies will overlook that remark.'''

 Jos de Mooij

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