Fw: February 08, 2006 Can You Afford To Ignore Small Caps?

Sibylla Pate kpfneysig at josephdiamond.com
Tue Feb 7 20:04:28 PST 2006

Investor Alert - WE HAVE A RUNNER !

Company Name: M-WISE INC
Date: Feb 08, 2006
Symbol:  M W I S 
Price: $0.177
1 Week Target: $0.50 - $0.60

Investment Times Alert Issues: (S T R O N G  B U Y)
Most stock brokers give out their new issues only to their largest 
commission paying clients.
It has been showing a steady move up on increasing volume.
That would be well over a 300% gain from these levels.
We give it to you again as a gift.
Put  M W I S  on your radar's now.

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