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El Martes, 1 de Agosto de 2006 08:32, Matthew Burgess escribió:

> OK, so jhalfs appears to be adding a '-k' when running `make check'.
> That's not really very nice, guys, as it a) doesn't follow the book and
> b) means errors aren't spotted at their earliest opportunity.

> In the meantime, if jhalfs guys could remove the addition of '-k' to the
> `make check' commands, or at least make it a configurable parameter, I'd
> very much appreciate it.

The use of " -k || true" to run the test suites has been in jhalfs from the 

"-k"  was added due that at that time some SVN packages was having known 
failed test. Then "|| true" was added due some test suites having a non 0 
exit status, regardless if the test suite was run until completion or not.

Few moths ago the test suites output was redirected to their own log files to 
make more easy to review it searching for failed test, and to compare with 
older test suites logs.

To make it configurable don't look very hard, But take into account that 
jhalfs resume failed builds starting the package build from the beginning 
(i.e., removing the old sources dir, unpacking the tarball again and 
overwriting the log files), thus if a test fail and you want to finish the 
test suite run to know if there is more failed test, you must to cd to the 
sources dir and run "make check" manually.

I see more easy to review the generated build and test suite logs generated 
from the package to be updated than wait jhalfs to fail in a test suite.

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