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El Jueves, 24 de Noviembre de 2005 00:33, Gerard Beekmans escribió:

> But in this case I also wanted to do a merge based on the previous last
> change in the file (since i had made two changes to one file, right?)

Yes, you made two consecutive commits in changelog.xml on the 6.1.1 branch. 
Being consecutive numbers you can use a range to select the full change you 

To select only the changes for a revision, is enought comparing it with the 
previous revision number in numerical order. For example, r7170:7171 match 
was has been changed in r7171.

To select both commits, 7170 and 7171,  r7169:7171 is needed.

> So for index.xml I now know the last change was in revision 6860. I
> would need to use the 'svn log' command to find when the
> previous-before-last was made right? 


> Or can I simply count one backward 
> and use 6859.


> Even if there was no change made to index.xml in revision 
> 6859, it would still work because even though there was no change made
> in revision 6859, the file does exist in r6859 and the changes I'm
> looking for might be made in 6840 for all I care.

What revision number are you triying to find?

The ones for 6.1.1 changelog.xml are known: 7170 and 7171.

The ones for LFS-SVN changelog.xml aren't needed: the merge is applied against 
your current files regarthless if they match the ones on the server or if has 
been edited.

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