cvs commit: LFS/BOOK/chapter06 gawk-inst.xml

Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Wed May 7 18:21:32 PDT 2003

On May 7, 2003 07:17 pm, Larry Lawrence wrote:
> Should that not be before 'make install', make install will then create a
> link to gawk or did I misunderstand what Bill said.

gawk installs everything in /usr/bin and leaves /bin alone, so /bin/awk is 
just an obsolete one. I'm during a build right now to see if we can't make 
that temp symlink as $LFS/usr/bin/awk rather than $LFS/bin/awk - if it can be 
$LFS/usr/bin/awk it might be replaced by the real stuff later on. That way we 
wouldn't have to remove the awk link.

> Good work BTW. Expected CVS to be a little less polished than it is. Only
> referred to the hint twice so far.

Maybe you can share why you referred to the hint, in case I missed something 
in the book I should be adding?

Gerard Beekmans

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