Ya'll prepare for the xml->latex conversion

Billy O'Connor billyoc at linuxfromscratch.org
Fri Feb 14 02:08:45 PST 2003

gerard at linuxfromscratch.org (Gerard Beekmans) writes:

> See my email to lfs-dev I just sent (subject: Going to have to convert XML to 
> LaTeX). I've setup CVS to use the LFS/latex module and commit messages will 
> appear on this list too.
> Addionally, Billy O'Connor has been given CVS write access to the LFS/book and 
> LFS/latex modules. I've talked to all editors privately and we all agreed 
> Billy should be an LFS editor. It's just that I wanted to wait after the 
> LFS-4.1 release to set it up (got other people I'd like to make an editor 
> too), but Billy has been extremely helpful in sorting out this XML2PDF stuff 
> and he's agreed to help out converting to latex. So CVS write access was 
> given earlier in light of this ;)
> So, Billy, congrats, welcome on board (again).

Thank you, Gerard, I'm honored.  I Hope I can help with the project.

> Billy, if you have the time (I know you're going to NYC for a few weeks so I 
> won't burden you too much with work) before you leave, maybe you can write a 
> possible latex book template? Maybe an URL I can start off at? I'm heading 
> out to bed now and it'd be good if I have something to start with in the 
> morning (just trying to save time).

I'm just getting ready to leave here, don't think I can get anything
out this morning.  To make matters worse, I'm going to be having
network problems in the city, since I thought I wouldn't be returning
and have no apartment there anymore.  I'll be able to check my mail
and cvs once or twice a day at most.  I've got a good latex install
and the book sources on my laptop, though, so I'll check back this
evening.  ctan.org has all the world and then some for TeX/LaTeX, if
we need anything beyond what is in the teTeX distribution tapes.

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