[Bug 188] Chapter 6: texinfo need ncurses header in different location

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Sat Sep 15 12:20:46 PDT 2001


------- Additional Comments From gerard at linuxfromscratch.org  2001-09-15 12:20 -------
This usually happens when you re-use the texinfo tree from chapter 5 in chapter 6.

>From chapter 2 in the lfs-book:

After a package has been installed, two things can be done with it: either the
directory that contains the sources can be deleted, or it can be kept. We highly
recommend deleting it. If you don't do this and try to re-use the same source
later on in the book (for example re-using the source trees from chapter 5 for
use in chapter 6), it may not work as you expect it to. Source trees from
chapter 5 will have your host distribution's settings, which don't always apply
to the LFS system after you enter the chroot'ed environment. Even running
something like make clean doesn't always guarantee a clean source tree.


Does this apply to you?

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