I'm going to make some changes to the book as well - may interfere

Gerard Beekmans gerard at linuxfromscratch.org
Thu Mar 22 15:36:03 PST 2001


Ok normally I would discuss this and give all of us a bit of time so get 
ready for it and all, but there's a bit of a hurry on my end.

Here's what I"m going to do: rewrite parts of certain chapters (not sure yet 
which ones I'm afraid) and re-write them (not grammar, but just the overall 
text flow). I'm due for a second interview at a company I applied for 
(positions of "Technical Writer" and "Linux developer/admin"). The CEO wants 
to meet with me tomorrow (I had a first interview yesterday with the Director 
of Systems Research & Development) and he'd like to read some of the LFS 
book. The LFS Book currently isn't good enough to show to the CEO as it's 
part of showing him that I can be a technical writer. Such changes were 
already planned for LFS-3.0 but I hadn't gotten around it quite yet. But now 
I have to get some work done by the end of today so I can bring it tomorrow 

What I'm going to bring is probably the following:

Ch01 - Introduction
	How things are going to be done
Ch02 - Important information
	About $LFS
	How to install the software
Ch04 - Preparing a new partition
	All of it most likely
Chunks from chapter 5, probably nice and long ones like gcc, glibc
Bison from chapter 6
Chapter 10

So I will be re-writing some parts of those chapters to a more professional 
level. I'll even have to spell check it.

I apologize in advance if I'm interfering with any files you guys are working 
on but I just have to get it done. First there's dinner, it's 6:30pm now. 
Expect me to start editing in an hour or so.

Gerard Beekmans

-*- If Linux doesn't have the solution, you have the wrong problem -*-

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