Tool To Check Hardening Options

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Tue Mar 8 22:39:30 PST 2011

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Subject: Tool To Check Hardening Options

> Hi,
> I came across a tool called, available at
> whilst browsing this evening.
> Looking through the changes and examples there it seems this would be a
> good tool to check/verify hardening options that we use in HLFS.  There
> are examples for all of the hardening options we use.
> Would this be useful in the HLFS build stages or at the end of the build
> to verify that stuff has worked correctly ?
> Steve.
> -- 
I have mostly that check on ipcop build system (not yet everything like in
This is mostly based on gentoo pax-utils package
pax-utils scanelf is very easy to use on an entire tree with -R (recursive)
or --from <list-of-files>


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