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Robert Connolly robert at
Thu Jul 1 14:19:10 PDT 2010

On Sunday June 13 2010 02:06:12 pm Michael DeLuca wrote:
> >From the readme:
> "A two user package/file management system was found to be the most
> practical solution. This means new packages are installed by an
> admin-helper. The package's installed files are recorded, and the
> ownership is changed to the admin. This stops new packages from
> overwriting the files of another package, allows us to catalog
> installed package files (so ownership can be reverted for upgrades),
> and disallows root from modifying them without the FOWNER capability.
> A multi-user package management system (such as the
> more_control_and_pkg_man.txt LFS hint) was found to be overly
> complicated, and has no advantage over the two user system."
> I'm interested in implementing a system like this.  I looked at the
> referenced hint and found it complicated.  I get the basics.
> - Install a package via user other then admin
> - Record the files it installed
> - Change the ownership of those files to admin
> But...
> - How would you set up the filesystem to allow this to work?
> -- Put the sticky bit on all directory's and have them owned by a
> group that the admin and admin-helper groups are able to write to?
> Any help and/or hints to get me going in the right direction would be
> great!

When I tried this I let the non-admin user own the directories. This 
way 'install -d' and 'mkdir' will work during make install.

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