Jean-Philippe MENGUAL mengualjeanphi at
Mon Oct 27 09:46:21 PDT 2008


Since future hlfs will require to reboot after temporary system and before final system, I suggest to add as last package (optional) BRLTTY, so that it could start at the boot of temporary system. Without it, hlfs will become unaccessible for any blind people.

I propose to write a basic page about building BRLTTY, that someone could complete according hlfs requirements. To test, I need an access ssh to a computer which has a temporary system installed. Or we could test with someone.

If you're interested, either by the idea either by my personal contribution, tell me. I'll try to produce something in some weeks. Maybe it's possible to ask to livecd project too, they include brltty.

Sincerely, JP

PS: actual release in html is translated in French :D I'm waiting for evolution of onward to real BOOK. :) to give you information

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