Wiki Development Festival

Jan Dvorak mordae at
Sun Oct 19 00:47:01 PDT 2008


	thank you for your opinions.

> >  * Do we want tools to create (or at least verify) builds, pages,
> > patches..?
> ...

Chris suggested splitting every build recipe (sed, glibc etc.) to several 
parts like unpacking, patching, build, installation. Patches need some 
explanatory header. It may be desirable to have utilities checking correctness 
before submitting these.

> building a
> HLFS system (which would be more of a job for the ALFS)?

Robert wants an early reboot to /tools. It would relieve HLFS from having to 
depend on host non-hardened kernel. For people who do not want a fully 
automated build, but do not have gpm and a web browser it is much more useful 
in a way they can `less` through a script and the execute it.

> >  * Have the tools be online? If everything is, it's obvious, but if not?
> Does it make sense to keep them from general public?

Oh, I meant if we want a neat online syntax checker, or we are just fine with 
./hlfs-check-recipe. ;-)

> >  * Do we want web interface to submit new things? Is e-mail not enough?
> svn/git/... access?

Well... you don't give people access to your git repository. Subversion is 
about having a coordinated team. What I meant was, if someone spots a mistake 
in the book, he should be able to fix it and send the fix to be reviewed. Plus 
if someone writes recipe to build a BHLFS package, he should be able to send 
it for review too.

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