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Jan Dvorak mordae at
Sat Oct 18 05:39:22 PDT 2008

On Saturday 18 October 2008 00:49:37 Chris Buxton wrote:
> You may have a point there. A good versioning system (and here I have
> no opinion, having never really used any of them) has all of the
> features needed for versioning, branching, etc.

Yes, git would be ideal. Anyone can check out current version, make changes 
and then mail them to Robert for review. Ideal. But gitweb is far from 
comfortable book reader. Subversion is okay too, except it's more hassle to 
maintain your changes against upstream.

> So the task for Jan, then, is primarily to create a syntax highlighter

There is bunch of free (and working) ones. GeSHi for one.

> It
> might be nice to provide a web front end for some of the features of
> this repository, so that potential contributors don't need to know
> anything about how it works in order to create branches, etc.

Or we may step back from online edit-ability and only make it possible for 
anyone to [edit] page, which would basically only create diff and put it in a 
queue for Robert to review and accept/reject. Anyone interested in development 
would have to go for real versioning system tools.

> The individual page scripts themselves are not that difficult, and
> they follow a rather predictable format. Perhaps an editor could be
> created that divides up each page into:
> - unpack
> - patch
> - configure
> - build
> - test
> - install
> - clean up

It may sound a bit radical, but I am completely for this. In practice, it can 
be achieved by having the script broken to several functions (like Gentoo). 
Each having a multi-line comment (nice HTML on the web) and then the code. 
Everything wrapped in a helper script by #!/usr/bin/recipe (Run all the 
functions if no argument passed, otherwise only the requested one. Setup 
sources location, patches location, maybe fetch files too.).

> not all pages are for packages)

Okay, so we are getting to page/recipe/other file division.

>, add
> custom sections (for example, some packages have several sections of
> testing, sometimes after installation), reorder sections

So, many sections, none mandatory. Reordering is IMO unneeded.

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