Network Problems (HLFS build 20080328)

Mwanguhya Daniel Murungi dmurungi at
Mon Jun 30 04:54:26 PDT 2008

I built an HLFS system for use as our Faculty firewall. The machine (Tyan
motherboard) has 3 network cards, and 1 GB of RAM. We have two networks (NOC
and students). When I connect the NOC network (less than 50 users - eth1),
everything is fine. When I connect the student's network (> 500 users -eth2)
the machine freezes until I remove the network cable from the Student's

When I ran my LFS distro on the same machine, both networks are OK and can
access the Internet. I have looked at the interrupts and ensured each
network interface has a separate IRQ but I still face the same problem. (I
also enabled TCP congestion control in the kernel.) Any ideas will be


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