problems installing attr with package users

Chris Buxton cbuxton at
Thu Jun 19 18:16:42 PDT 2008

Installation of the attr package fails because it's not allowed to change owner and permission of "//bin". For some reason, the "//" is confusing the package users wrapper scripts, I think, and so the command is passed directly to /bin/install, which then throws an error.

The real problem is that the 'make install' step fails on this error. It just stops. So nothing gets installed.

For now, I'm going to work around the problem using the following, where $HOME is defined as (in my case) /usr/src/attr - the DIST_ROOT variable needs to have an absolute path, or things go everywhere in the source code tree:

make DIST_ROOT=$HOME/DEST install install-lib install-dev
mv -v $HOME/DEST/bin/* /bin
mv -v $HOME/DEST/usr/lib/* /lib
rm -rfv /usr/include/attr
mv -v $HOME/DEST/usr/include/attr /usr/include
tar cC $HOME/DEST/usr/share locale | tar xvmC /usr/share
install -v -m0644 man/man1/{attr,getfattr,setfattr}.1 /usr/share/man/man1
install -v -m0644 man/man5/attr.5 /usr/share/man/man5

Does this look right? It appears to work for me - the result seems to be virtually identical, with the exception of installing some extra headers, to what Robert has in the book.

The attr installer doesn't correctly install the manpages, and there appears to be a problem with the way it installs the static libraries. But I don't think I care about the static libraries, and the manpages are manually installed in the commands above (copied from the book).

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