Toolchain build failures.

Charity charity at
Mon Jan 29 05:10:34 PST 2007

Kevin Day wrote:
> On 1/26/07, Charity <charity at> wrote:
>> This is because -fstack-protector is failing. SSP is not built in the
>> first gcc build. Support for it is supposed to be built into glibc-2.5,
>> however, after some checking, it tells me "cannot find -lssp_nonshared"
>> whenever I try to compile something with -fstack-protector. That means
>> that gcc supports it, but it is not installed. How can I be sure it is
>> installed in glibc? I made sure I am using the newly compiled gcc and
>> the linker seems to be the new glibc.
>> After some more research, it seems that something is going wrong with
>> the first gcc build or glibc is not being linked to properly. I know
>> HLFS is in development, but the link to the old stable version of the
>> book is broken. I'm going to try rebuilding gcc after each step just to
>> see if it builds. This should work right? If bootstrapping builds the
>> compiler once, uses the first build to build a second and the second to
>> build a third for comparison, then the compiler should be able to be
>> built after the installation?
> gcc (4.1) hardcodes both -lssp and -lssp_nonshared when
> -fstack-protector is passed.
> Instead of letting the linker decide on whether you are using
> and libssp.a they felt the need to explicitly identify them
> as different.
> My approach was to use the patch below and rename
> lib/libssp_nonshared.a to lib/libssp.a so that if for any reason I
> needed libssp.a (such as gcc -static) I would be able to do such and
> the linker would know what to do.
> gcc-4.1.1-no_static_ssp-1.patch:
That's not the whole problem. It can't find -lssp either. It's just 
that  -lssp_nonshared happens to be listed first in the specs file. I'm 
trying a new approach. I can't get the whole toolchain to build at once 
after it's installed no matter what I try. It seems to mess up the 
linking. I'm trying to follow the seperate build instructions just using 
the newer gcc and binutils. Then I noticed the gcc build instructions 
say it needs gmp and mpfr. It may not be absolutely needed, but it does 
get rid of the error in the configure stage.

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