2.4 branch

Robert Connolly robert at linuxfromscratch.org
Tue Nov 28 15:19:22 PST 2006


The 2.4-branch is missing the -fpie -pie stuff for now to deal with toolchain 
test suites. When I get them to pass I'll add the -pie -fpie, using the 
hardened-specs header like in -unstable. I'm pretty much there; the Glibc 
failures probably won't get better (there are 4), but they could use a 
submission to Glibc bugzilla to verify the failures are known with 
linuxthreads, and possibly fixed correctly. Binutils tests pass completely. I 
have 1 patch from gcc-cvs which gets GCC's test suite to pass completely 
(bugs with SSE), including 2 unexpected passes for a bonus. I have 3 more 
patches, PR15068, PR18300, and PR15666, from gcc-cvs which I also plan to 
include. Based on a good toolchain all other package's test suites should 

HLFS, and LFS, both seriously need a list of kernel modules and drivers 
needed, on the host system, to pass the Glibc test suite. The SysV module, 
for example, is needed to pass the Glibc test suite. The Real Time Clock 
(RTC) module is another. Ideally we shouldn't need the "-k" Make option for 
any test suites, and they should return true so &&'s will work.

It also seems to me that Bison and Flex can be dropped from chapter 5. With 
Util-linux I haven't figured out what needs the 'more' program.. but I want 
to use /sbin/nologin for user 'nobody' (from the Utils-linux patch), and the 
user 'nobody' when running test suites for Coreutils and Bash. The 'nologin' 
program does not have to be patched into Util-linux, but instead could be 
added immediately before Coreutils in chapter 6.

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