blowfish patch

Robert Connolly robert at
Wed Nov 22 22:45:07 PST 2006

The website books and patches have yet to be updated. This patch can be found 

You should be aware that I haven't made blowfish patches for Shadow-utils and 
Sysvinit yet (the Sysvinit patch was submitted to this list about a month 
ago). I'm trying to make a Shadow-utils, and Sysvinit, patch that can be 
accepted upstream. The Glibc patch needs a bunch of work to get added to 
Glibc, mainly to deal with the Glibc build system.

There is also a question of whether it's possible to use libcrypto, from 
openssl, with Shadow-utils. I think this would be preferred because it would 
add dozens of algorithms (sha512, etc), not just blowfish.


On Wednesday 22 November 2006 17:18, mordae wrote:
> Hi,
> > Under 20061016 it calls for the optional glibc blowfish patch.
> >  However, its not in the group of patches to download
> I think the previous one should be OK even with this version. Just check it
> and report. Maybe someone will re-diff it if it does not work. I would do,
> but I don't have my PC at the moment.
> - Mordae
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