randomness and ssh

Kendrick hlfs at linux2themax.com
Wed Nov 8 15:45:45 PST 2006

I just started working on my via c7 this week and after getting a base 
lfs build + aes/sha patches on the kernel and ssh3.8  i found some 
interesting things. 

34mb file copied from the via c7 was getting 900k a sec using 99% cpu, 
while my dual 500mhz prolaint server was getting 200 and using only 
about 12% of the cpu.  It made me wonder and the only thought i could 
come up with is randomness.  I remember there used to be a egd? or 
erandom patch for hlfs  and or ssh I was wondering if it was still 
around some where and or if it seems im barking up the wrong tree.   how 
would one go about checking for random empty?

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