Heiko Zuerker heiko at zuerker.org
Fri Nov 3 16:26:00 PST 2006

On Fri, November 3, 2006 18:22, Robert Baker wrote:
> Before I start revising whats in the repository. I was wondering if you
> had a chance to take a look at http://www.netslyder.net/hlfs/
> If so do you have any comments on whats there? For example do we want to
> go w/ the new tool chain/bootstrap method, or are we going with what I have
> on my servers? Also as far as my research showed udev is 2.6/2.5 only. Did
> I miss something?

No this is correct.
Under 2.4, it's the easiest to go with devfs.


  Heiko Zuerker

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