Expired and Outdated hints.

DJ Lucas dj at lucasit.com
Wed Jun 18 14:04:07 PDT 2003

Howdy ya'll.  I'm not sure what the policy is on hints.  Should they 
match up with the latest book or stay indefinately?  I was going through 
the hints index, looking for the syslog-ng hint. That list is _long_! I 
noticed that there are several hints that are outdated with the release 
of LFS 4.1 and BLFS 1.0 or that are (seemingly) duplicates of other 
hints.  I would think that these works should be moved to hints/old/ or 
combined with their counterparts. Keep in mind, it's only a suggestion, 
so any comments would be nice.  Here is a quick list of moves/changes 
that caught my attention imediately, and reasons for each:


3 boot cd hints -- why three?  I don't do boot CDs so I really can't 
comment on them, but do we really need three of them?  Any of them 
outdated in any major way, or can the authors be contacted and maybe 
find a happy medium to combine them?

2 grub hints -- yes I know one is for a rescue boot floppy, but that 
could be combined with the grub hint.  Of course, with grub going into 
the next lfs release, maybe this is a bad idea.

"Lilo beautified" and "The LFS bootlogo hint" look to be the same thing 
on first glance.  "Lil beautified" deals with the current version of 
lilo in LFS-4.1, while "The LFS bootlogo hint" deals with patching up 
lilo-21.x to work (outdated by the book version), should be retired to old.


Some of these covered in BLFS.  Move to old?  Combine "Tex and LYX" with 
the LYX one, or move "TEX and LYX" to old.


KDE and Gnome hints to old?  Maybe, but they do deal with some 
interesting tidbits not in the BLFS book.  Other WMs?


ALSA can probably go now, but it does contain some good info yet when 
using timidity (which is not in BLFS).


DHCP Server is now covered in BLFS.

DSL Router and Masuerading could probably be combined and then split to 
separate out the PPPOE setup which could then be combined with the PPPOE 
hint.  Are the authors still watching?

There are 2 ISDN hints (combine).

OpenSSH is in BLFS

Portmap is covered by BLFS

Samba is coverd by BLFS, but there are a couple of intersting security 
bits in the hint.

xinetd BLFS


4 devfs hints (each has good/needed bits and peices) can they be combined?

J2SDK and OOo are covered in BLFS, but I think still contain references 
to the hints...Tush?

Resoving dependacies seems to me it could go, but i really didn't see 
the purpose for it (personally).  The idea is good, but the dependacies 
in the BLFS book seem to solve this (was there a dependacy problem at 
some time?).

USBMouse could probably be moved to old if we made mention of the most 
common device files in BLFS.

Thats as far as I got, but figured I'd share and see what everyone else 

DJ Lucas

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