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Tushar Teredesai tushar at
Sun Aug 17 22:50:43 PDT 2003

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Now that the patches project details have been finalized, I would like 
to start on reogranizing the hints. I would like to start with a new 
format which would make it easy for Jeroen to automatically add it to a 
hints index. An added bonus is that since all hints would require 
resubmission with the new format, the unmaintained hints will 
automatically get moved to old.

Each hint would have the following sections:

    * Author(s): Who wrote the hint along with contact e-mail.
    * Date: YYYY-MM-DD format date.
    * Category: One of the predefined categories. I am not sure whether
      this should be included coz there will always be some hint that
      will break this segregation (remember the discussion on lfs-dev on
      this topic?).
    * Synopsis: One line description.
    * Primary URL: (Optional) If there is a different primary location.
    * Description: A short description on why the hint was written and
      who it is targetted towards.
    * Hint: The contents of the hint. (The patches for the hint can be
      hosted on
    * ChangeLog: ChangeLog sorted by date. For an example, see the
      mozilla hint.

I plan to do some quality control with the hints. A hint is not there to 
replace the documentation that comes with the package, it should go 
beyond the documentation available elsewhere. Also, if there is an 
already existing hint on a topic, instead of creating a seperate hint, 
it should probably be added to the existing hint (unless the 
objectives/modus operandi are different). Before writing a hint on the 
same topic, the original author should be contacted and if the author 
does not respond within a reasonable time, the new author can modify an 
existing hint. Also hints that deal with different ways of doing things 
should be seperate. (e.g. there are three devfs related hints, but all 
of them have a different target audience.)

In addition, hints that are more appropriate for inclusion in the book 
should be directed to lfs-dev or blfs-dev (though they can be hosted on 
hints till they are incorporated), where a book editor can incorporate 
them into the book.


Tushar Teredesai

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