[elinks-dev] witekfl branch status

Kalle Olavi Niemitalo kon at iki.fi
Sun Jan 28 09:33:10 PST 2007

bzip2	Should be merged before 0.12.  Needs review.
	This ostensibly helps with bug 517.

epoll	I don't think this should be merged.
        If ELinks has to keep supporting select() too, I think the
        maintenance burden outweighs any advantages epoll may have.
        It may be faster; but I don't believe the speedup is
        noticeable in practice.  It is not limited by FD_SETSIZE;
        but threads[] still has that limit.

fsp	Needs review and testing.
        It seems nobody in #ELinks is particulary interested in FSP.
	If the changes don't fix a reported bug, I think they'll
        have to wait until after 0.12pre1.

gcc-4.2 Please show the warnings and compiler options.
	What warnings does this change avoid and which compiler
	options did you use to get them?

gpm	Please add some documentation into gpm-wheel.patch.
	Does the patch fix a bug in GPM?
        Can it hurt compatibility with programs that use libgpm?

merged	These have already been merged to master.

speech	Needs a use case and review.  Could then be merged before 0.12pre1.
	Is this intended to help blind people?  I believe they
	usually have screen reader programs; why is this better?
	The code may also cause compilation errors on non-POSIX
	systems but I think we can sort those out based on test
	reports if there is a 0.12pre release after the merge.

fsp	2007-01-23 a17510c3770e171972c4efb80d4bc51f76828597 fsp: prompt for password when the authentication fails.
fsp	2007-01-18 ad4dce305940e9e479383df5f5ac0cc19970d634 Removed unneded header file accidentally included by the previous commit.
fsp	2007-01-18 d49a53b2a93dd2d12783f83d1734b709fea8f0da fsp: Pass the filesize by ctype (stderr).
gcc-4.2	2007-01-18 99cff6aa7036c90305b71ef0a3c9c85b23c5d341 Added macro foreach_module_builtin. Killed some warnings of gcc-4.2.
fsp	2007-01-18 036d2d84751aac669f01884bf6f8f8e8335bc3cb dup2 closes given descriptors, so no need for the explicit close.
epoll	2007-01-08 678d52551dce3e534a5776ccf3dc102e0c844f9f epoll: use EPOLLHUP
merged	2007-01-08 753e503e26cf417c0780f283c0acbf51b9dd2c3d Removed the buggy code.
epoll	2007-01-07 6528b3c57472bba8340d5ca1604d8839938a4fbe epoll: w_max is number of open descriptors.
bzip2	2007-01-07 79e59e9d6fdb3b94669a34387c20704554dc8464 bzip2: buf must be the last.
speech	2007-01-07 4d7c491a22c0b9a191df363504f52f8da1c639e1 Missing include.
epoll	2007-01-07 216d6c7ec8b4aa79135232c528ec4ac266209dff Slave terminals work with epoll.
bzip2	2007-01-07 ef5f2638a39feae8a5c883e90084c3cb03a682ad Drop to_read.
bzip2	2007-01-07 f7b9be4aa12641221f9f5248afc6dc87f181add4 bzip2: Used the patch from bug the 517.
merged	2007-01-03 2109be1587e42d2370409e8244f6c2ef53f7d6da warning: ctext is used only with CONFIG_UTF8.
epoll	2007-01-03 85cb16d14c2f7c7ea84a9ee993466e5020d8bfb0 Added ELINKS_EPOLL_SIZE to the setup.h. 128 is enough for most uses.
epoll	2006-12-31 e195690acd274e561245bddbb371cb2a48c332ac Minor optimisation (?).
epoll	2006-12-31 87e10dd412020ccf71d723f32594ef54b56a6ec6 epoll is fashionable.
merged	2006-12-31 38b09e44c7b0e7a9fd5b3a940c1b1a0537f3ad64 Limit the timeout to one second only under Windows.
speech	2006-12-29 91be2ea6b89a7514b75fa31dcba6d9a5ef6c978c Use popen for flite.
speech	2006-12-29 60fc3bd04fe3f85c66d1dadbc8ba4f56f576f611 '' is used instead of "" to quote text for the flite.
speech	2006-12-26 e965d07055f5dd3e046469232e4b3986fb60cbaf speech: added flite - the alternative synthesis engine.
bzip2	2006-12-17 0ca94c10c19ef0433593705fd54d4281de278e69 bzip2: added the configure option --enable-bzip2-encoding
gpm	2006-12-15 b5a9ac08e75a61bd46a24f89c654a743b4e24f7f gpm: ELinks can use the wheel mouse on the Linux console.
bzip2	2006-12-15 36146ffd3baadbdce3911757660eaa27e779ba30 bzip2: removed unclean my BZ2_bzRead2.
bzip2	2006-12-15 4eaca109fa8a841d5918feb8ed438c5bc80087f2 Decompression: write PIPE_BUF bytes to the pipe at once if possible.
fsp	2006-12-14 512ba3ed46e761162f299285472c51bc125af64c FSP: The preparation for the error handling.
bzip2	2006-12-12 429d9ad2d619fce3345e97b632927234ea4d2f43 Simplification. bzf->handle is the same as data->file.
bzip2	2006-12-12 5424e001312b46aad9d8d552e705d43799bf800b BZ_bzRead2 is based on BZ_bzRead from the bzlib library.
merged	2006-12-11 d2f55ee4114947e4c397518a1c7dcba973d72ed8 Removed outdated entries.
bzip2	2006-12-11 fe4d44414d300914e0c0a29b6293121913738a58 The gzip decompression simplification. gzclearerr does the job.
speech	2006-12-11 c187df9a0adcf0f9821d9b14b1dfcf43139d9bb3 Small comment according to UTF-8.
speech	2006-12-11 f260691ac4f58e7ce0e282d7b48bddbae8f00828 Set nonblocking mode for output.
speech	2006-12-11 9064e6323b493b5614a9bd02c25729ce2f1650bf Scrolls down one line earlier.
speech	2006-12-11 4e93cbf496c82926f42c0eaf270920f126ace3f8 Added the keybinding ('R' by default) for reading documents out using
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