[elinks-dev] Question, Reproducible Error

Kalle Olavi Niemitalo kon at iki.fi
Sun Jan 28 02:18:52 PST 2007

Lydgate  <oqba4dmoyy at lydgate.e4ward.com> writes:

> One question: is it possible to map the higher mouse buttons 4, 5, etc., 
> to back and forward to elinks running in xterm?  I ask because elinks 
> seems very capable of interpreting 1 2 and 3.  Would the solution be at 
> an elinks, xterm, or X (e.g. xbindkeys) level?

According to xterm-215/ctlseqs.txt, xterm can send press events
for mouse buttons 1-5 and release events for buttons 1-3.  Xterm
does not define escape sequences for other mouse buttons and it
is not obvious how they should be defined.  I think the easiest
solution would be to configure xterm to make the mouse buttons
send the same escape sequences as some function keys (e.g. ESC [
25 ~ for what ELinks thinks is Shift+F3) and then map those
function keys to the appropriate actions within ELinks.

(which sets a *VT100.Translations resource to remap the mouse buttons)
was already mentioned to you but you wrote it doesn't work for buttons
6 and 7.  This appears to be limitation in libxt-1.0.0/src/TMparse.c,
which supports only five mouse buttons.  I don't know how difficult
that would be to fix.  You may be able to work around the limit
by renumbering the buttons with xmodmap.

> Also, I'm getting every time I try to load this page:
> www.pcquest.com/content/linux/2005/105041202.asp

Thanks.  http://bugzilla.elinks.cz/show_bug.cgi?id=927
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