[elinks-dev] Question, Reproducible Error

Lydgate oqba4dmoyy at lydgate.e4ward.com
Sat Jan 27 21:57:27 PST 2007

Thanks for all your great work on the browser!  I've only recently 
discovered its mouse capabilities, and its speed makes it irresistible.

One question: is it possible to map the higher mouse buttons 4, 5, etc., 
to back and forward to elinks running in xterm?  I ask because elinks 
seems very capable of interpreting 1 2 and 3.  Would the solution be at 
an elinks, xterm, or X (e.g. xbindkeys) level?

Also, I'm getting every time I try to load this page:


I don't have gdb installed on this machine but I can do it if it will 
help.  But from the other people in the channel it seems to be widely 

For funny/offensive commentary on reproducibility:



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