[elinks-dev] problems in elinkskeys.5

Kalle Olavi Niemitalo kon at iki.fi
Sat Jan 6 11:49:57 PST 2007

esr at thyrsus.com writes:

> 1. Since this page was generated from db2man, I understand that
> some of its problems may be due to db2man bugs that need to be reported
> upstream.  I am sending this heads-up nevertheless because at least
> some of the problems can be fixed or worked around in your sources.

The problems were actually all caused by the asciidoc, xmlto, and
db2man tools we use.  However, elinks/doc/Makefile already hacked
the results a little with sed, so I added some workarounds there.
The change will be included in ELinks 0.12.0 and possibly 0.11.3.

Please check if the attached version is OK now, especially the
"(backslash quote)" part.

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