[elinks-dev] contrib/bzip2-pipe.patch

Kalle Olavi Niemitalo kon at iki.fi
Sat Jan 6 00:12:15 PST 2007

I was going to ask the bzip2 maintainer whether bzip2-pipe.patch
would have any chance of getting in, but then I noticed that bug
517 already has an attached patch (attachment 271) that makes
ELinks use BZ2_bzDecompress instead of BZ2_bzRead, so that it can
handle the EAGAIN errors on its own.  I am sorry to reject
bzip2-pipe.patch after you've spent time on it, but I believe
changing ELinks to use BZ2_bzDecompress would be better for users
because it does not require any changes in libbz2, cannot break
other programs, and relies only on the published API of libbz2.

Could you perhaps test the patch in
<http://bugzilla.elinks.cz/attachment.cgi?id=271> and report or
even fix any problems you find in it?  It could then be included
in ELinks 0.12.0, I think.
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