[elinks-dev] What to do with ELinks 0.10.6.GIT

Kalle Olavi Niemitalo kon at iki.fi
Thu Jan 4 14:41:35 PST 2007

ELinks 0.10.6 was released on 2005-09-15.  It seems that after
the release, bug fixes were first backported until 2005-09-23,
and then the branch was dormant until I backported some recent
fixes on 2006-11-26 and later.  So most bugs fixed in 0.11.* or
0.12.GIT after the release have presumably not been tested on
0.10.6.  The question is now whether we should test the bugs and
backport the fixes or just declare the 0.10 branch unmaintained.

The stable Debian 3.1 "sarge" includes ELinks 0.10.4 and the
Debian security team backports security fixes to it.  I don't
think releasing 0.10.7 with all known bugfixes backported would
really help that.

In any case, I think there should be an official list of which
development branches are maintained and need to be considered
when bugs are being fixed.

I propose:
- Remove ELinks 0.10.6 from <http://elinks.cz/download.html>,
  but keep it in <http://elinks.cz/download/>.
- Add to <http://elinks.cz/download.html> a note saying that only
  the stable 0.11 branch and 0.12.GIT are maintained and that bug
  fixes will not be backported to earlier versions.
- Add to <http://elinks.cz/feedback.html> a note saying that the
  maintained releases are listed in <http://elinks.cz/download.html>
  and that bugs of earlier versions are unlikely to get fixed.
  (Reporting the bugs may be useful though, as it gives other
  users an incentive to upgrade.)
- Announce to elinks-users that ELinks 0.10.* is no longer
  maintained and that users should upgrade to 0.11.2.
- Add that announcement to <http://elinks.cz/news.html> as well.

If this is OK with Fonseca and others then I can do these.
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